Bare: A 7-Week Program to Transform Your Body, Get More Energy, Feel Amazing, and Become the Bravest, Most Unstoppable Version of You

What if you had the opportunity to wake up one day and just shed all of the stresses of the world that were weighing you down? That can actually be possible, once you learn the formidable self care strategies you need to embrace.

In the book Bare, by Susan Hyatt, you’ll uncover a program that, in just seven weeks, totally transforms both your body and mind, allowing you to tap into increased energy stores, wake up feeling amazing and unstoppable and be sustained with that feeling throughout the day.

How harsh are you toward yourself right now? You probably don’t even treat yourself as well as you would a dear friend. But now you will. The goal of author Hyatt’s book is to help you seize each and every day and live it to the fullest.

The book is slanted toward women who feel like they’re suffocating with the burden of exhaustion and mental drain and who want to achieve their fullest potential in life. The author believes you’re hiding behind a shield when you engage in bad habits like stress eating, so she’ll help you step out from behind that shield and face your life head on, with strength and determination.

The book, Bare aims to empower you in a total transformation. You’ll learn to stop criticizing yourself – your body and your life in general. Instead, you’ll begin treating yourself with the respect and admiration that you should.

Instead of feeling like an elephant is sitting on your chest when you’re facing a lot of pressure in life, you’ll feel like the weight has been lifted off of you – you’re freer both mentally and physically.

Every day, you’ll be able to relax and unwind and shed all of the stress – and do it without having to binge watch Netflix or consume large quantities of food and liquor in an effort to let everything go.

Those habits drain your energy, both physically and emotionally. The habits might be self soothing in the short term, but long term, they can have just as much of a negative impact on your life as the stress that made you turn to them in the first place.

With help from the book, Bare, you’ll start turning your attention to what you want out of life, not just what you want to run away from. You’ll be moving toward the right priorities like things you’ve always dreamed of achieving.

That may be writing a novel or traveling to an exotic country – but with help from the author’s guidance, you won’t be focused on everything wrong in life – you’ll be too busy pursuing everything you want out of it instead.

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