How Can You Take Care of Your Body and Physical Health?

Each of us were given a single physical vessel to make it through our entire lifetime. Apart from general health and wellness, such as eating a healthy diet, routine exercise and getting enough quality sleep, we should also establish and maintain a self-care regimen.

Self Care Yoga

Many haven’t quite grasped the concept yet of self-care or are stuck in the mindset that it’s self-indulgent and there simply isn’t enough time in the day.

Self-care is basically you taking care of you.

We spend a great deal of time catering to the needs of others, yet who caters to us? Who is ultimately responsible for our own bodies? It’s a task we shouldn’t take lightly considering the timeframe we have to work with here.

A decade goes by in a flash, and pretty soon that decade turns into a quarter century. It’s high time we think about spending some quality time taking proper care of these bodies, don’t you think?

Self-Care: Inside and Out

Taking care of your body and physical health with self-care isn’t simply about the outside. Sure, physical exercise and proper nutrition are important for obvious reasons, but there is so much more to consider. Listen to your body.

Aches and pains can often be remedied by stretching exercises such as yoga and Pilates. Digestive issues might benefit from dietary cleanses. Your body gives you the signs and symptoms; it’s your job to provide the anecdote.

Of course, leave the serious stuff to the trained professionals but there is plenty in the realm of routine self-care we can incorporate on our own.

Be Mindful

“Mindful” seems to be a buzzword as of late, but the topic is rising deservedly so. Why are you beginning or continuing a self-care plan? Know your why. And with every self-care activity, remind yourself of the reasons. This way they will be in the forefront of your mind and remain relevant.

When eating a healthy meal as prescribed by your self-care routine, be deliberate with chewing and taste every flavor. Take your time and enjoy the moment.

Take Pride

Remember, this body is supposed to last us an entire lifetime. We should take pride in these incredible machines! The human body is pretty incredible. From fighting off bad bacteria to the yet undiscovered intricacies of the brain, we have the potential to live long, fulfilling and purpose-driven lives.

There will always be hiccups along the way, that’s life. But remain proud of your body and how well you take care of it; it’s the only one you get!

Self-Care Ideas for a Healthy Body

Below is a list of easy self-care ideas anyone can incorporate even on the busiest of schedules. You have to make time for you!

Meditation, yoga, Pilates, or stretching exercises

Fitness classes; spin, HIIT, kickboxing, aerobics, Zumba, etc.

Eat something green every day

Eat a meal with protein every day


Walk, jog or run

Swim, hike or ride a bike

Be still

Do Deep breathing exercises

Get a massage or hot stone therapy


Play a team sport; racquetball, tennis, soccer, softball, etc.

Try a new physical activity you’ve never tried before; rock climbing, paintball, obstacle course, etc.

Yes, even the simplest things like getting enough water during the day are considered part of self-care. You’re probably doing some of these things and just thought it was a part of living a healthy life.

But it’s really about being able to put your best foot forward every day because you’ve treated your body properly. It’s about taking pride in the magnificence of your physical body, so much so that you take time just for you.

What if you bought a new, top of the line, luxury vehicle with all the bells and whistles? Would you neglect it by not performing routine maintenance and provide it with cheap fuel? Of course not! So why do we treat our bodies with such disregard?

Self-care for the body doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Many of the ideas above only take a few minutes. Sometimes we make more excuses than progress, but let’s face it; if we’ve got time to compulsively look at our smartphones, we’ve got time for self-care.

It’s just a matter of getting started for most of us. Once we associate self-care with the positive effects, like a rejuvenated spirit and mind, a revived body, increased physical endurance and stamina, our endorphins are happily looking forward to the next self-care activity.

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