Plan a Mini Retreat to Dive into Self-Care

Sometimes you just need to take a bit of time off for yourself – time where you can be away from any stress factors you might have, and time where you can just relax and take care of some basic needs that you have to fulfill.

Mini Retreat

It doesn’t have to be an extravagant or expensive vacation, though. A small retreat in the comfort of your own home could be just what you need. A mini retreat doesn’t require a lot of set up or money.

Plan Your Retreat

It just requires a few days at most of free time. You can plan this out in advance to ensure you’re actually doing what you set out to do during this time, and it’ll benefit you greatly to do so.

Essentially, during your mini retreat, you want to have time to engage in your self-care routine, practice and try out some new self-care, and reflect on what it is you want to see in terms of results.

You want to make sure you’re in a somewhat casual environment. Wear comfortable clothes and have some snacks on hand that you enjoy. Play some light background music and build a scene that makes you feel comfortable.

This will help you feel more open and hopeful about your future and help spark ideas of what you want to do to improve yourself.

Cover All The Bases

When it comes to planning, you want to make sure you have all the bases covered.

You don’t want to just focus on a workout routine. You want to focus on physical health as a whole, while not forgetting about mental health in the meantime. If you only plan for a workout routine but not for a diet, recovery days, or anything related to your mental well-being, you’re likely not going to be setting yourself up for a whole lot of success.

During your time, think about the model person that you want to be. Perhaps it’s to be more in shape, or maybe it’s to be more mentally strong – or even both. Think hard about what that person, a stronger you, would look like and act like, and use that as a basis and a goal that you can formulate your plan around.

Trial Runs

Finally, take some time to practice a bit of what you’re planning. Don’t be afraid to take a few minutes to try out meditation if you’re thinking about adding it to your routine. It’s always good to have a bit of experience with something before you try to plan your whole schedule around it.

On your mini retreat, make sure you maximize your time and don’t allow yourself to get distracted and waste the precious hours you’ve taken to devote to your own needs. You might have many people pulling you in all directions, but it’s important that you block off this time for yourself.

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