Self Care for the Self Aware

Self-Care for the Self-Aware: A Guide for Highly Sensitive People, Empaths, Intuitives, and Healers

There’s a certain type of person who is more in need of self care than any of us. It’s the one with extreme empathy toward others’ emotions. Not only are these people dealing with their own journey, but they absorb the impact of another’s whenever their thoughts and feelings are shared with them.

High levels of awareness (not only for yourself but for others) means you get a double dose of things like sadness, depression, anxiety, anger and more. You also get he positive impact, but unfortunately, most people share the negatives of what’s happening to them more than they do the positives.

One book you may want to pick up to help you in your self care journey as an empath is Self Care for the Self Aware by Dave Markowitz. It’s specifically written for the sensitive person who is intuitive to others’ pain.

This is a problem where, even if you’re capable of addressing your own healing needs, it makes it more difficult because you’re being bombarded by other peoples’ pain as well – and you’re not in control of their healing.

Empaths often suffer physical ailments from the influence of other people. They experience things like a lack of concentration, digestive issues, anxiety and depression. This is because you’re taking on the emotional rollercoaster of another person’s life.

The author of Self Care for the Self Aware wrote the guide tailored for this type of individual, to give you specific tools and strategies to handle your healing amid the chaos of other people’s emotional turmoil.

It may be hard for you to escape the bad energy of another person in your life, so instead of distance and boundaries, you need another method to be able to take care of your own needs while handling their pain.

You don’t have to feel guilt about shutting other people out, either. In fact, the methods taught in this book will actually be beneficial for those who come to you wearing their heart on their sleeve.

Self Care for the Self Aware is for the human sponges who absorb everyone else’s emotions as their own. It can have a debilitating effect on your life if you let it run rampant.

There’s a 5-step process that you’ll undergo when you read this book, designed to help you embrace the gift of empathy and use it wisely instead of allowing it to harm you. You’ll find yourself readily able to heal quickly from an encounter with someone who presents negative, or painful energy in your presence.

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