Technology That Can Help You with Self Care

With technology becoming more and more widespread every year, it’s no surprise that many devices and apps have been created with the intention of helping you with your goals of self-care.

Self Care Apps


Taking advantage of technology is highly recommended, because it allows you to simplify certain things and do others that you might not have been able to do by yourself, which could even save you money in the long run.

Self Care Apps

First off, you’ve got your apps. There are all kinds of free apps available for your smart phone that can help you really take your self-care routine to the next level. For example, if you’re trying to work on your diet, it can be so difficult to keep track of what calories you’ve eaten and how many carbs versus how many proteins, and so on.

There are apps available that you can use to track your food, which will give you instantly accessible information on what all you ate, how many calories, how many calories you should be eating, and so on.

There are also plenty of apps that can help with your mental health, as well. For example, if you wanted to get into journaling, but you didn’t feel like busting out a pen and paper every night to detail how you’re feeling, you can use very simplified apps to help.

These apps let you simply input what emotions you’re feeling that day along with a short blurb, which can be easily accessed by you over time to see how you’ve progressed. There are many physical devices meant to help you with self-care as well.

Gadgets for Self Care

If you intended to have massages as a part of your physical health routine, then you’ve probably considered the cost of always having to get a massage. Instead, simple devices can be added to regular chairs to turn them into massage chairs.

These might be a little expensive up front, but that can save you tons of money in the long run. Another device that could help your mental health is a simple noise machine. You can get machines that generate soothing noises, tones, and background white noise.

One of the most difficult parts of meditation is sitting there in the silence, because you’re afraid you’ll hear something and break concentration. With this, you’ll be able to focus without worrying about hearing anything else, because this will be providing ample background noise that isn’t overly distracting.

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