The Smart Girl’s Guide to Self Care

The Smart Girl’s Guide to Self Care

There are times in life when you suddenly realize you’re feeling trapped and unhappy. Most of the time, when you analyze the situation later, you realize there were signs all around – and instead of taking care of yourself, you neglected your needs and it made it easier to get swept away in a negative situation.

The Smart Girl’s Guide to Self Care, by Shahida Arabi, is specifically for women in this type of situation. You can ask yourself if you exhibit any of the signs of someone who has gotten themselves in a toxic situation.

You might notice that whenever your friends and family need you, you’re always at their beck and call – unable to say no, even if it means sacrificing your own needs. As long as they’re happy, you’ll do it.

Or, maybe you recognize signs of being codependent on someone in your life. This could be a parent, sibling or significant other. If they’re the ones calling all the shots because they’re in control and you’re not, then it’s time to reclaim your power with some strategic self care.

It might be that it doesn’t involve another person – that you are your own worst enemy. If you often engage in negative self talk, where you’re putting yourself down as ugly, fat, stupid or other inflammatory words, then it’s time to implement a self care regimen that lifts you up rather than tears you down.

Practical Tips

With this book, you’ll find practical tips you can implement whether you’ve never taken care of your own needs, or simply realized it’s something that’s simply been slipping lately.

The routines shared in the book will be things you can carry on with for a lifetime that will serve your mental and physical health well. That includes things like acceptance, affirmations, mindfulness, meditation and more.

You’ll have your eyes opened as to whether or not you’re currently in an abusive situation, or one where you’re being taken advantage of to your own detriment. If you are, you’ll then have the tools you need to reverse the course you’re on and cope with whatever you’ve been through.

If you’ve waned to experience a powerful form of self love that few people ever strive for, this book is a helpful guide to take you on that journey.

For many women, they’ve been raised to put the needs of others before their own. It may have even sounded admirable. But what we know now is that you can take care of those who deserve your love and attention and also take care of yourself, too.


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