Who Should Be on Your Self Care Support Team?

A serious mistake that you should avoid when you’re getting started with self-care is trying to do it all alone. Even if you think that you’re going to be better off sorting things out yourself, you’re probably going to falter along the way and you’re going to want someone there who can help you.

Support Team

Having support is key to having a successful self-care routine, but who you select can vary quite a bit. One common option for someone to help you with your self-care is your family.


They’re typically close, they know you, and they’re willing to help you and keep you accountable. Family can be such a great resource because they’re often very connected in your life, and can help take some of the stress off of you if you’re feeling overburdened.

Unfortunately, for many people, family isn’t an option. It could be because they’ve had a falling out, or because they’re distant, or any number of things. Another option then is a significant other.

Significant Other

Your partner can be such a great source of inspiration to keep going and should hopefully be able to provide any assistance they can. Apart from just providing love, they should also be able to provide care.

Of course, not everyone has a significant other in their life. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t still form a support team. You can have people who you’ve hired as part of your support team, such as a therapist, life coach, or personal trainer.

Hired Providers

All of these people care about your success and want to see you do well. Outsiders can provide new angles on life that you might not have considered before. They essentially provide an outsider perspective on your life.

Their advice and their thoughts come with years of professional training and a lot of personal experience, so you should be supported by them fairly well. However, it should be noted that a therapist, for example, can only effectively support you in their field of expertise – meaning that they’re not going to be giving a ton of great fitness advice.

Don’t be afraid to open yourself up to those around you who want to help. It’s hard going through things all alone. Humans are social animals. By allowing others to help you advance in life, you’re really going to take your self-care abilities to the next level.

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