Both Men and Women Benefit from Self Care

A problem that so many guys tend to have these days is acting too tough. They think that if you do or enjoy some things in your life that aren’t stereo-typically macho, then you’re not really manly.

Self Care for Men

In reality, it’s not that easy. You can certainly be manly and still enjoy some simple things that all humans should engage in, regardless of gender. Many guys tend to mistake self-care for being something feminine, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Not For Girls Only

One of the reasons guys think that self-care isn’t manly is because they’re misunderstanding what self-care really is. Self-care isn’t just a spa day and a pedicure. It’s a cohesive routine designed to help you become a better version of yourself.

So even if you’re worried about being macho, self-care still involves working out and doing things that you like to do. However, even if a guy does want to do a spa day, it’s probably going to be good for him.

Getting a massage and being able to relax for a few hours doesn’t make you any less of a man – and in fact, it can leave you feeling fantastic afterwards. There are so few downsides to being able to just relax.

Guys! Relax!

Honestly, if men want what’s best for their lives and want to better themselves as people, they need to drop the act, relax, and live a little. Nobody really thinks it’s super cool to avoid self care things, apart from maybe a handful of other guys who are just like you.

Meanwhile, there are men out there who don’t care, and fully reap the benefits of a full self-care routine. By adopting a self-care routine, you’re going to be more in shape, more mentally sound, and happier in life.

Man Getting a Massage

None of those things are exclusive to a specific gender – they’re for everyone, and everyone would be better off with them. There’s no downside to attempting to better yourself, other than putting in a little bit of effort, which should really be no problem at all.

Self Care is Not Gender-Specific

At the end of the day, what everyone needs to realize is that you shouldn’t stay away from self-care just because it doesn’t “fit your gender.” Self-care is a fantastic resource that you should be able to take full advantage of, no matter what.

Build your own routine to suit your liking, as long as it’s helping you become a better person. Get the mani pedi, schedule a massage, take time to meditate and clear your mind. Self care is for everyone.

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