Four Signs You Need to Start a Self-Care Routine

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether or not you’re in a good place in life. You might feel as though you’re not doing very bad but you’re not quite good, either, leaving you in some kind of limbo.

Taking Care of Yourself

At this point, you might start to feel some of the more negative effects of not taking care of yourself, which you might interpret as something that will simply pass. In reality, it might be the wake-up call that you need to make some lifestyle changes.


One more serious effect you might see is insomnia. Insomnia means that you find it difficult or impossible to fall asleep, causing you to be up late for hours and dozing off from time to time during the day.

If this only occurs once or twice, it’s probably not a big issue. But if it’s a consistent problem, it can mean you are suffering from insomnia. This can be brought on by stress, diet, and a number of other things that are solvable with self-care routines.

Weight Fluctuations

Another sign you might notice is a fluctuation in weight. This can either be a sudden gain or a sudden loss in pounds, which is not exactly healthy. While you might like seeing a sudden drop in weight, unless you’ve been dieting and exercising a lot lately, it’s probably not a good sign.

Sudden weight fluctuations can be caused by both mental and physical issues, and it typically comes from a sudden change in diet caused by emotions. For example, if you were sad and stopped eating, you’d suddenly lose a lot of weight. To be healthy, you need to continue eating.

Aches, Pain, and Stress

Pain, aches, and inflammation are also brought on by poor self-care. While a lot of this can come from the physical side in terms of not stretching enough, not being active, and not eating properly, you can actually feel real pain due to the fact that you’re stressed out.

Stress can lower your immune system and leave you more open to inflammation, which can cause a great deal of pain.

Mood Swings

Finally, mood swings are a tell-tale sign of needing help. Sudden changes in attitude and demeanor can be confusing, frustrating, and can even make others upset.

This is often a side effect of poor mental health care, especially in times of high stress or anxiety. If you find yourself lashing out at people, it’s time to start a path of mental self-care.

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