How Often Should You Switch Up Your Self Care Routine?

When people find a self-care routine that works for them, they tend to get very attached to it. It might’ve taken a bit of effort to get to that point, so they don’t want to do anything that’ll undo the work they’ve done.

Self Care Schedule

However, it might be necessary to make the change. After a little while, your self-care routine will become stale, and you might have to change certain parts of it around to keep it working for you.

Replace Parts as Needed

You can think of your self-care routine like a car. Unfortunately, the whole thing isn’t going to last forever. After a period of time, certain parts will need to be replaced to keep it running efficiently, even if it’s a bit of a hassle to do.

Going through that hassle is a lot better than seeing the whole thing fall apart later down the line, so you need to be sure you’re staying up to date with it.

The frequency at which you change up your routine differs for everyone.

Personal Preferences

Some people are very comfortable and do well with engaging in the same thing for awhile. Others, however, start to get bored of the same thing after some time, so for them, they’ll need to be ready to mix up their routine if they don’t want to get stuck in a rut.

One way of going about this is to have multiple entire routines laid out, and when one starts to get old, you switch to another, and so on and so forth just rotating them out. This option has a lot of benefits because it has some consistency and structure, but it’s not stagnant.

It also allows you to have it ready in advance, so you don’t have to scramble to restructure your formula.

Another option you could take is just replacing some aspects of your schedule as they get old.

Make It Modular

Some things you do in your routine will become old before others do, so you might want to keep certain aspects but replace others. For example, if journaling and keeping a diary of sorts started to get old for you, you could just rotate that out for meditation, while keeping the rest of your routine intact.

This has the benefit of allowing you to have a more modular, flexible self-care routine. You can replace as much or as little as you’d like in order to fit your needs. Just don’t allow yourself to get bored or unaffected by your self care regimen.

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