The Little Book of Self Care

The Little Book of Self-Care: The Tiny Everyday Habits that Will Transform Your Life

If you’re already stressed to the limits, then having someone tell you to implement a self care strategy might feel like the straw that broke the camel’s back. You can’t think straight as it is, so you definitely don’t feel capable of designing and pursing some big plan to improve things.

But there is a different approach that’s highly doable for even the most stressed out individual. It’s called The Little Book of Self Care by Mel Noakes. This plan will help you implement the tiniest daily habits that add up to fully transform your life.

Start By Starting Small

So it’s a minor change implemented one at a time, that won’t burden you or add even more stress to your day. The book is filled with motivation and inspiration to pump you up on your journey toward self fulfillment.

You’re encouraged along the way and the advice is practical so you don’t feel like it’s outside the scope of what you want to abide by. You’ll start by identifying your most pressing needs.

Once you’ve done that, it will help you learn how to make little tweaks to your day so that you feel like you have time to refuel your physical and mental energy and relax and enjoy your life.

Mind and Body Care

The strategy is taught from both a physical and mental standpoint. So you’ll be addressing routines that help support you – like plenty of sleep, the right amount of exercise, and more.

You’ll also learn how to nurture your mindset so that you feel fully engaged and alive – as well as strong against anything life throws at you. You’re taught to be your own best friend and advocate in life.

This book will tell you why mindset is key, how to nourish instead of punish yourself, how to exercise and sleep and why it is important to go slow sometimes. You live your whole life being you, so why not be your own best friend?

Author Mel Noakes

The author, Mel Noakes, is a health coach who has guided many individuals on their path to lifestyle improvements. With his advice and encouragement, you’ll be able to recognize what’s draining your energy and contributing to your unhappiness and repair it without feeling overwhelmed.

You have two choices you can make today. One has you putting self care on the backburner to hopefully address another day when you have time. The other is to immediately take charge of the rest of your days and start living the kind of life you deserve!

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