Self Care


How Can You Take Care of Your Mind?

The brain is an organ; the mind is invisible yet in every cell. Our minds are responsible for feelings, attitudes, imagination and beliefs. So, how can you take care of your mind?

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Self Care Planning

Develop Your Own Self-Care Plan

When pursuing a plan for self-care, it’s necessary to analyze your current lifestyle, answer a few questions and make a few decisions.

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A Sensitive Woman

Realize and Accept Inherent Sensitivities

Some of us are just highly sensitive. Learning to accept this in your own world is the first step in reorganizing emotional boundaries and limitations.

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Over Sensitive

Signs You May be Overly Sensitive

Because being over sensitive is both genetic and conditioning, we can’t really just “stop” it. However, we can learn to minimize the effects by dealing with our emotions on a different level.

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Self Care Daily

Self-Care Habits to Practice Daily

When referring to a self-care “routine” it doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing, day in and day out. Let’s take a look at some suggestions to help you jumpstart daily self-care habits that will stick!

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Negative Inner Voices

Stop Negative Self-Talk and Use Positive Affirmations

Everyone has an inner voice, but sometimes that nasty voice gets the best of us and creates a breeding ground for negative self-talk and destructive behaviors.

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Self Care for Older People

You’re Never Too Young or Too Old for Self-Care

People often complain that they’re too old, or too young, to start doing something, and therefore shouldn’t even try to start.

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Woman Relaxing

5 Ways to Engage in Mental Self Care

When it comes to improving your mental health, there are plenty of options that you can follow in order to feel a lot better.

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Leg Self Care

Your Legs Support You So Return the Favor

Depending on how well you take care of your legs, they will last you a lot longer in life than if you neglect their care and put a lot of stress and wear and tear on them.

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Take Time for Self Care

10 Minutes a Day of Self Care Could Be a Game Changer

Something that tends to hold people off from starting down a path of self-care is that they don’t feel as though they have enough time to make that kind of a commitment.

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