Self Care

Self Care Above the Shoulders

Above the Shoulder Self Care Tips

Your head is one of the most important parts of your body for many reasons. It’s the part of your body that allows you to think and process emotions, and because of this, it’s important to maintain a good sense of mental health and emotional self-care.

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Self Care Routines

Anchor Your Self-Care Strategy with Routines

A major part of self-care that’s often overlooked is consistency. If you want to make progress in life, you need to be consistent and on some kind of schedule or routine.

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Mental and Physical Health

Balancing Your Mental and Physical Health Care Strategy

It’s easy to spend too much time on either your mental or your physical health. What’s difficult is finding that good middle ground in which you’re taking care of both parts of your health, because they’re both equally important.

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Self Care for Men

Both Men and Women Benefit from Self Care

One of the reasons guys think that self-care isn’t manly is because they’re misunderstanding what self-care really is.

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Short and Long Term Self Care

Don’t Let Self Care Be About Short Term Relief

One aspect of self-care that’s often forgotten is how to solve your long term problems. When people try to engage in self-care, they only focus on one or two things that they think will help them feel a little better in that exact moment.

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Love Your Life

Don’t Let a Lack of Self Care Accumulate in Your Life

At some point, because it’s an additional responsibility for you to tend to, you’ll probably take a day  or two off from sticking with your usual self-care guidelines in favor of doing more work or getting something urgent done. At the time, you’ll feel like this is fine, and it might be a necessary sacrifice […]

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Self Care Time Management

Don’t Start Neglecting Areas You Feel Strong About

People often try so hard to improve one aspect of their life that they begin to neglect others, causing more problems than you had previously.

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Self Care Too Late

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late to Indulge in Self Care

You don’t need to, and in fact shouldn’t, wait until the last minute to start getting into self-care, because it won’t help you nearly as much once you’ve reached that breaking point.

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Bored with her Self Care Routine

Explore New Methods of Self Care

Take a chance and give something new a fair opportunity, and perhaps you might just find something that helps you improve yourself more than you thought possible.

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Financial Self Care

Financial Stability Is a Form of Self Care

Regardless of how difficult it might be, if you want to rid yourself of a lot of stress, understanding and stabilizing your finances is a major step in the right direction.

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